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When the remains of a charismatic band leader are found ten years after his sudden disappearance, the estranged band members are thrown together at his hometown wake, only to grapple with the finality of his passing and the promise of stardom that vanished with him.

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Format: feature film

Genre: music - drama - hangout movie 

Comps: the big chill - a star is born


A knife-edged, high-stakes race against time as 22 -year-old Alicia, the outcast, orphaned daughter of a one-time racing champion risks all to save the lives of loved ones.


Format: feature film

Genre: action - drama  

Comps: speed - drive to survive

The sugar club

Aspiring young Melbourne lawyer Ciara O'Connor reluctantly flies to New Zealand to tidy up her estranged, recently deceased father's affairs, only to find the eclectic, passionate trio who have staffed his run-down cafe refuse to accept its closure.

suga club.png

Format: series

Genre: music - relationship drama

Comps:  the bear - as it is in heaven -the commitments 

the fallen

Dogged by hallucinations and paranoia, a once lauded enforcer Ethan, finds himself ejected from the environs of the upper-world elite and flushed to the hostile, poverty-stricken slums where his past comes looking for vengeance.  He is hunted, beaten, and saved only by a freakish, genetically altered woman whom he thinks he's imagined.


Format: series

Genre: film noir - futuristic drama

Comps:  bladerunner - fight club - memento


When teenager Ulli's bunker haven malfunctions, she traverses a post AI-pocalyptic earth in search food, other humans and the means to revive the guardian android who's nurtured her since birth.


Format: feature film

Genre: relationship drama - dystopian science fantasy

Comps: finch - a quiet place

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