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Kath Raphael has an extensive background in film and TVC editorial and visual effects production. She was instrumental in early development of ‘Pork Pie’ an associate producer, 2nd unit production manager, and post production supervisor, delivering the film to screens.  Kath contributes to Treehouse projects from inception through to completion and delivery. 

Moonlighting her talents, Kath was company VFX producer and post production supervisor on Roseanne Liang’s ‘Shadow in the Cloud’, winner of the Midnight Madness People's Choice award at TIFF 2020. 


Other recent credits include Production Manager on Viva La Dirt League's epic 35 minute short film 'Baelin's Route', and post production supervisor on season one of the Tavake and Four Knights Film 2021 production of 'The Panthers', which has become the first NZ TV series ever to be accepted into TIFF. 

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